Families with Children

Nursery Option for Our Youngest Friends

Each Sunday morning, week after week, with consistent presence and love Nancy Paradis welcomes and cares for our youngest friends in the nursery. Kids are always welcome in worship but for those times or those kids for whom that is hard? Nursery care is available is in the Parish House, the big white building on the left side of the brick driveway. Entrance is through the porch.

Kids at Main Street Church


Created, loved and needed by God - and part of a community of many generations. This is what we seek to have our kids know and feel.

We seek to balance opportunities for our kids to experience God’s love with we older folks and with others their age. We support parents in instilling faith practices at home and build on those with Sunday School. During the school year Jennifer Stinson coordinates an all ages learning time for our friends in kindergarten through grade 8. Our Spark Rotation curriculum helps our kids connect to our sacred stories through a variety of activities and experiences.

Kids start out each week in “big church” all of worshipping together and after a children’s message they go to Sunday School (in the Parish House across the driveway). The first Sunday of the month, through the summer and on special occasions they stay with all of us for the whole time having our worship really represent the whole body of Christ - from infants to 100 plus. There are many ways for kids to participate in the worship service, contact us and let us know.

Sunday School 2017-2018 Registration Form


From Jennifer:

Hello! Another month of Sunday School has passed by with lots of learning, sharing and helping!  Our focus for March was on kindness, exploring who are neighbors are and thinking of ways to help others as Jesus did.  The Good Samaritan was our focus and how we can be more like this in our daily lives.  We created St.Patrick's day cups of goodies to be delivered to a neighbor of friend - just because.  We made coupons for chores of helpful things we can do for others in our family to help out.  This was a struggle for some of us, as it was a different way of thinking.  What can we do to help others? On the Sunday in March, we had One Great Hour of Sharing, where we talked about those especially in need around our world, but even in out town.  We talked about the famine in Sudan, but also about people in our own community that may not have enough warm clothes, shelter or food.  To demonstrate how it might feel to be in need, we divided the class - half the class got to enjoy nice, cool water and the other half had to sit and watch while the others enjoyed as much as they wanted, without getting any themselves.  We talked about how this feels - not just from the perspective of the kids who did not get water, but from the perspective of those who could drink, but had to watch half the class without.  It just so happened that Hayes was extremely thirsty that day and her sadness by not having any water was very real.  Eventually, we all got water and were happy.  We took a collection to help people in need and agreed to go out into the word and help others as we can - not just with money, but with good deeds, friendliness, sharing, kindness and God's love. As we move into April, we will be focusing on the Palm Sunday and the Easter story.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we might be able to have our lesson outside on Sunday! Enjoy the nice weather next week!  As always, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the Sunday program.

Thank you! Best Regards, Jennifer