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From the Missions Committee:

MSCC’s Missions Committee has been on alert to find programs for the recent disaster/hurricane ravaged areas of Houston and Puerto Rico specifically. We have found 2 compelling opportunities we’d like to tell you about and gage your interest.  They are as follows:       

The Dates are set for our Hurricane Recovery trip to Puerto Rico!       May 17 through May 24th

We are planning a trip to Barranquitas, the 4th most affected area, about 1½ to 2 hours from the San Juan airport in the central mountains of Puerto Rico.  The organization we are going to work with is: All Hands and Hearts.  Check out their website at www.allhandsandhearts.org.

Volunteer teams will focus on roof repairs, debris removal, deconstruction, small demolition work, mold sanitation, chainsaw work and many other minor repairs on homes in the area. There are job opportunities for all skill levels.

There is a worksite set up for volunteers with a camp owned by a local church that has bunk beds, showers, and a cook preparing the meals for the workers.

This is a different trip than ones to Haiti as this is an U.S. territory and most folks speak English. No special shots are required but they suggest updating your tetanus shot.

We are planning a trip leaving Thursday May 17th and returning Thursday May 24th.  We will be booking a direct flight which is about a 3 1/2 hours flight. The flight will be around $400 plus a transportation fee $100 each way to be split by all in the vehicle. There is no set cost per person even though they provide room and board.  So we will want to make donations as a group or individually. This is of course, how they get money to buy building materials.

The next step is to hear from YOU. There are many more details to share once you commit for this great opportunity.

Your commitment is needed by March 1st !

Also feel free to contact Jane directly as she is the detail woman! You may reach Jane at j.ansaldo@comcast.net or 603 686 978 or Nancy Frick at nancyfrick@comcast.net

Future trips...

Houston – Adventures in Missions is offering 6 day work trips to the Houston area.  They seek out low-income families and others who have not received help from FEMA. The work could be anything from yard cleanup and landscaping, to painting, hanging drywall, etc.  They have contractors on-site who teach the skills needed, so low skill and no skill volunteers are welcome. Available dates for a group to go begin in mid-April and run through the summer.  Cost for the trip is $325 and includes everything but airfare (we are currently seeing @$300 for a roundtrip to Houston) and travel to worksite.  We/Missions would like to see who would be interested and sign up a team as soon as we can.  See https://www.adventures.org/trips/mission-trips.asp?subtypeid=1&locID=100124&typeid=5&sttype=Disaster%20Relief

Please contact Jane Ansaldo Church, Anne Bourbeau, Bonnie Wilson or Nancy Frick as soon as possible if you are interested!!! There can be possible scholarship help.  While sending out two MSCC teams in the same season seems daunting, it could happen with good interest and help!!!

Jane Ansaldo Church   j.ansaldo@comcast.net

Anne Bourbeau     abourbeau@gmail.com

Bonnie Wilson     bonpt@hotmail.com

Nancy Frick   nancyfrick@comcast.net



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