The Vestry (Fellowship Hall)  at Main Street Church is available to rent for events such as weddings, showers, meetings or receptions in conjunction with use of the sanctuary. Use of the kitchen can also be included.  The hall is 2,000 sq. feet and has a capacity of approximately 80 persons seated at round tables.  Fiberglass white round tables and oblong banquet tables are included in rental.

The kitchen has a six burner/2 oven gas stove and small refrigerator.

Arrangements can be made by calling the church office at 978-388-0982. All rentals require the hiring of a sexton for purposes of opening and securing the building after use.  A sexton will also set up the tables and chairs. A Facilities Rental Agreement form is required by whomever is renting. Alcohol is not allowed on the property and smoking is permitted outside.