Speaking of Faith

speaking-of-faithOur faith journey's are varied and wonderfully unique. What we hold in common, though, is that for each of us that journey has brought us at this time to this place to be with others in this Christian community.  But who are the others and how is God moving in their lives? One might ask "Who am I and how is God moving in my life?". Through the practice of testimony we speak to those questions as we share how we have found meaning, learned about ourselves and recognized God's presence in the midst of the challenge, violence, chaos and wonder of our world.  When someone shares their journey, they share their faith story of how they have met God in their life or here at Main Street Church.  Sometimes it includes a particular ministry, a transformation of some kind that has happened in their life, some deep question they have found answers to by following Jesus, or how how any of these things has deepened their connection to God.  If you would like to share your faith journey please speak to Joan or Louise McRae.