2018 Women's Retreat

  • Women's Retreat - April 6+7th 2018
  • UCC NE Women's Celebration in Portland,  Maine

What you need to do to join us:

  • -Go to website
  • -Register
  • -Choose your workshops
  • -Cost of $125.00 Includes Opening Ceremonies, Keynote Speaker and Workshops

-Speak to one of retreat committee to inform us you will be joining us

Deadline to let us know is by November 26, 2017

Scholarship assistance is available

Retreat Committee will:

  • Gather list of women joining us (so please let us know you have registered)
  • -Reserve hotel rooms - Each room will sleep 4 women (cost to follow)
  • -Plan carpooling - our plan is to leave Amesbury Friday early afternoon and return Saturday late afternoon.
  • -You do have option to reserve your own room +/or drive up on your own (please let us know)


  • -You can choose to stay in hotel as the conference provides meals (for additional cost - see website)
  • -We can eat out as there are many restaurants in the area
  • -Last time a group of us went out for breakfast and met to enjoy lunch together

Contacts:   Sandy Jennings 603-828-8908

                  Jane Ansalado Church 603-686-9782

                  Carmen Weisensee 979-388-0332










Our trip to Star Island on the Rye, NH Ferry at the start of each summer is always a treat!







In October, 2016 this group from Main Street Church went on a retreat to the Rolling Ridge Conference Center in Andover, MA.  The retreat was lead by Rev. Laura Biddle.